Turning Your Small Space Into a Guest Bedroom for the Holidays

From loading up on pumpkin-scented candles to upgrading that old air mattress to a real bed, it’s important to make loved ones feel welcome when they’re far from home for the holidays.

You may assume that you just don’t have the room in your home office to set up a large bed, meaning that your home isn’t available to host friends and family this Thanksgiving.

But wait — don’t start searching hotel prices just yet! Check out our creative tricks to transform a small space into a welcoming guest bedroom for the holidays. It’s worth giving these ideas some consideration so that you and your loved ones can be cozy together under one roof during this special season.

Day Bed: Nuzzle Up Along the Wall

Doubling as a lounge sofa and a twin-size comfortable bed, a day bed can be easily be tucked away against the wall or corner of a room as a convenient sleeping solution when guests arrive.

Decorate the bed during the day with simple throw pillows and blankets. At night, all you’ll need to do is set out a few extra pillows and a duvet or comforter, and then your guests will be set for their stay.

Many day beds have drawers at the bottom making it a perfect place for guests to store belongings while opening up more floor space in the room.

Adjustable Bases: A Deal Too Good to Pass Up

Guests need a place where they can unwind alone in your home. In tiny spaces, it doesn’t make sense to crowd a room with extra chairs or unnecessary furniture.

To maximize efficiency, set up the guest bed with an adjustable base. Available to fit twin mattresses to king mattresses, an adjustable base is a solid metal structure that acts as a movable foundation for your mattress.

This must-have technology has the power to move your mattress into a variety of positions from reclining to inclining, which helps guests get situated in the most comfortable sleep position for their body. With the click of your adjustable base remote, your loved ones can easily transition from catching up on their favorite shows to powering down for some shut eye.

Are you interested in the idea of an adjustable base, but concerned it’s too much of an investment for a guest room? Now is your chance to upgrade! For the first time ever, you can get a free adjustable base from Mattress Firm with select mattress purchases of $500 and above — a deal you won’t find anywhere else! Visit a Mattress Firm location before Nov. 27 to take advantage of our Sleep-Giving sale and this great offer.

The Murphy Bed: Compact and Convenient On-The-Spot Storage

Another favorite way to transform a room is a Murphy bed. This genius invention is a bed that folds up to large wooden cabinet with built-in storage, shelving or a desk on one side. And when you’re ready to welcome guests, it only takes seconds to pull down this functional piece of furniture.

Important tip: measure your available space in the room to make sure you have 6 to 7 feet of space where the cabinet is stored and extra space for the length of the bed when extended.

During the Sleep-Giving sale, stop by one of our Mattress Firm stores to purchase a supportive mattress to go with your new, compact bed. We know the holiday season is busy, so we’re happy to deliver the mattress right to your home.

These simple tips and tricks will help you get your home prepped for the busy holiday season ahead. Give your guests a peaceful place to get a good night’s sleep in the comfort of your home. Happy holidays!

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