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Everything You Need to Know About Mattress Firm’s Sleep-Giving Sale

The most wonderful time of year is here! While opening our doors to friends and family to celebrate holiday traditions with delicious food and quality time should not be overlooked, there’s something else people look forward to for months on end holiday sales!

It’s time to load up on Christmas gifts for your loved ones and maybe even grab something special for yourself. A recent study by Mattress Firm found that more than a third (36%) of Americans plan to buy a new mattress in the next 12 months, and now is a great time to do it!

With so many sales and ways to save this holiday season, you won’t want to forget to stop by your nearest Mattress Firm location to take advantage of these deals. Take our word for it, this is a Mattress Firm sale you won’t want to miss!

Mattress Firm’s Sleep-Giving Sale

Get ready to invest in your sleep health while taking advantage of savings on a mattress that is best suited for your each and every need. From 8 a.m. to noon on Black Friday visit one of the Mattress Firm locations in your area to take advantage of our Black Friday Door Buster:

Can’t make it on Black Friday? No problem. Take advantage of our extended deals below, all available November 14 – 27.

  • Low Price Points: $99, $199, $299
  • Beautyrest Greenwood Queen Mattress $399
  • Free box with Serta iComfort purchase

Mattress Firm is also offering a deal so unique, we feel it deserves a whole section of its own…

Free Adjustable Base!

As we’ve discussed before, an adjustable base can play a huge role in your sleep health and the quality of sleep you are getting, not only during the holidays, but all the time. By giving you the power to move your mattress into a variety of positions, these bases conform to all of your sleep health needs and allow you to get situated in the most comfortable sleep position for your body.

Mattress Firm is offering a special deal that you won’t find anywhere else as part of our Sleep-Giving Sale. For the first time ever, you can receive a free adjustable base (LP50 — up to a $1,198 value) with mattress purchases of $500 and above.

So, visit a Mattress Firm location in your area during this sale, and then you will be able to simply click your adjustable base remote to easily transition from watching your favorite holiday movie to powering down for a good night’s sleep.

Like we said, this is a sale you do not want to miss. Visit for more details.

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