7 Life-Changing Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Spouse

It’s the season for giving, and there’s no time like the present to start your holiday shopping. But finding a perfect, budget-friendly gift for that special person in your life can be stressful and time-consuming.

With that in mind, we’ve created a wow-worthy list of deals for your gift-giving needs. We hope that these unique treats will make your season a little brighter and bring holiday cheer to your friends and family.

Smart Home Device

For a spouse on the move, consider the latest in hands-free technology. With voice-activated features, a smart home device, like a Google Home or Amazon Echo Dot, can make your spouse’s life easier. From controlling electricity to monitoring room temperature, a smart home device is a gift that will keep on giving. (And save you money in the long run!)

Wireless Speaker

Is your special someone a music buff? Hear music all through your house with a wireless speaker. A wireless (not portable) speaker can make any holiday gathering a party and give you and your guests the power to control the playlist. Brands like SONOS offer products that will enable you to play tunes from anywhere in your home, without sacrificing sound quality. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, Mattress Firm’s Winter Slumber Sale is a great way to check two to-do’s off of your list with one stop: come by Mattress Firm December 15 -17 and receive a Sonos One speaker with any purchase over $799.

Meal Kit Service

Looking for something a little more delicious? Give the gift of gourmet in the form of a meal kit service subscription. Services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron can help give your spouse room to test out their culinary skills and make every night date night. This is also a great time to keep your eyes out for special deals from these services!

Ancestry Service

If you’re searching for a unique gift, try an Ancestry service package. Sites like 23andme use science to uncover connections and origins dating back to the beginning. An unconventional gift perfect for the partner who wants to know more about their background.


A new set of luggage can make the perfect gift, especially if you and your special someone love to travel. From business meetings to romantic getaways, make staying away from home more manageable. An investment in a sturdy, sleek luggage set is great for the traveler in your life. Some brands, like Away luggage, even offer the ability to charge your phone on-the-go.

Sleep Accessories

For gifts sure to improve your loved ones sleep, make the season a softer one with brand new sleep accessories. From sateen to Egyptian cotton, the right set of sheets can make every doze divine. Look for sheets with a high thread count to keep your significant other comfy and cozy through the winter months.

While you’re shopping for sheets, give your gift an extra-luxurious kick: add in a pillow that’s sure to bring your significant others sleep to the next level. Our Mattress Firm recommendation after reading tons of reviews? Memory foam. The memory foam material can shape and conform to fit even the sleepiest of heads, without breaking the bank.

Buying a gift for a mom-to-be? Help her rest easy with a maternity pillow, or another maternity-friendly sleep accessory.

Adjustable Base

If you know that your loved one hasn’t been sleeping well, consider purchasing an adjustable base for your mattress at Mattress Firm. It’s normal for couples to have different sleep styles and finding the perfect sleep position shouldn’t have to be a pain. An adjustable base will help you and your spouse sleep soundly night after night.

Between spouses, siblings and close friends, there’s a lot of shopping to be done this season, and it can be exhausting! If a great night’s sleep is on your holiday wish list, don’t forget to head to Mattress Firm for all of your sleep need products. Our Mattress Firm employees will help you find quality mattresses and sleep accessories at the perfect price for your sleep space. Most importantly, take time for catching Zzz’s — even on Christmas Eve — and find the sleep of your dreams this holiday season.

Happy gift giving!

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