Mattress Firm Sleep Health News Round-up

Sleep Health News Round Up: January 2017

Baseball, bedroom bans, social media and more! 

This month’s sleep health news roundup covers the latest sleep-related trends. Here is what the internet is saying this month about how to get to sleep and how to sleep better.

The Surprising Way Jet Lag Impacts Major League Baseball Games

With a regular season of 162 games, it should come as no surprise that Major League Baseball players often fall victim to the physical and mental effects of jet lag. It’s now common for all 30 teams to take a red-eye flight to California after playing a night game in New York – just in time for the next day’s afternoon start. Common sense would say that this kind of travel schedule would be harmful to the players’ performances, but thanks to a recent study by Northwestern University sleep scientist Ravi Allada we now know how and why.

A Ban on Screens in Bedrooms May Save Kids’ Sleep

Between laptops, tablets and everything in between, “tech before bed” is well on its way to replacing the old fashion bedtime story. And for parents who set rules for their kids’ screen time, it turns out even that may not be enough. According to experts from King’s College in London, kids who do not have technology in their rooms have been proven to sleep better than those who do.

Sleep Deprived? Blame it on Your Obsession with Social Media

Too social for sleep? It used to be partying, but has social media redefined the phrase “late night?” In a recent study, nearly all of the participants admitted to checking their phone before bed, in bed and even in the middle of the night. On top of that, these same participants found that their need to use the internet before bed delayed their sleep times by nearly 96 minutes each night. Everyone loves a social butterfly, but even butterflies have to sleep.

People Who Get the Best Sleep Have These 4 Things in Common

We’ve been talking about getting “a good night’s sleep” for years, but how do we truly define a “good” night’s sleep? The truth is, there’s never been a formal way to describe it, until now. The National Sleep Foundation recently published a “first-of-its-kind” set of sleep-quality recommendation — based on a review of 277 previous studies — to help sleepers truly determine whether or not their “good night’s sleep” is actually a “good night’s sleep.”

Lull Yourself to Sleep by Counting Backwards from 300 In Threes

This one needs no introduction, but it appears the age-old practice of counting sheep has been kicked to the curb. Counting backwards from 300 by 3 is complicated (for your brain, at least) and incredibly boring, so while we haven’t tried this for ourselves, we have a pretty good feeling you’ll find it helpful.

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