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Sleep Health News Round-Up: June 2017

Each month we search the news to share the latest trends and research related to your sleep health. Whether it’s how to avoid insomnia or practical ideas on how to drift off to dreaming, you’ll find helpful information on our monthly sleep health news roundup.

For June, let’s take a look at what sleep has to do with social jetlag, academic performance, weight gain and more.

Social Jet Lag Is a Real Thing & You Probably Have It

Did you know 85% of people go to bed and wake up later on weekends and days off?

It’s absolutely true. And chances are, you’re one of those people.

But what, exactly, is social jetlag? Social jetlag occurs when your work and social commitments take priority with your desire to sleep. This routine is proven to cause chronic fatigue and often triggers a terrible mood.

Sound familiar? Read on for more details.

Who Is Sleeping Worse, Women or Men?

Any guesses? Researchers recently analyzed the sleep patterns of 750 people who sought treatment for sleep disorders over a two-year period. The results?

For starters, nearly 50% of the women in the study reported serious concerns from poor sleep compared to 27% of men.

Surprised? Check out the rest of the findings by Forbes Magazine to learn more.

Couples Who Argue While Sleep-Deprived Risk Seriously Damaging Their Health

Researchers from the Ohio State University Institute for Behavior Medicine recently found that being sleep-deprived and arguing is a bad combination for couples.

Participants were tested for stress-related inflammatory responses, which can lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis. These responses were triggered when tired couples engaged in a stressful conversation.

The 10 Best Apps to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Struggling to fall asleep? Our friends at Paste Magazine put together a list of 10 apps designed to help you develop healthier sleep habits. From sleep trackers to smart alarms and everything in between, these recommended apps should have you sleeping smarter in no time.

Study Links College Students’ Grades to Sleep Schedules

As it turns out, pulling an “all nighter” may not be worth it after all. According to a new study focused on college students and their sleep patterns, college students who did not go to bed or wake up at consistent times every day were more likely to have lower grades.

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