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Night Owls: Is There Anything Wrong with Being a Night Person?

So often, we talk about the benefits of being a morning person. Sure, “the early bird gets the worm” but what about the night owls? Contrary to popular belief, there are several advantages to being a night person that go beyond having a great social life. Through just four points, we’re going to debunk the common misconception that early birds have the advantage.

Night owls, get ready to flaunt your feathers!

Longer Work Endurance

Many people in the workplace look down on anyone who doesn’t come running through the door first thing in the morning with a smile on their face and ready to grind the day away. It turns out, night owls have been forced to adapt to the typical “morning-person” 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule.

Just like the early riser, they can perform well in the morning (they just may not be as chipper at first) and maintain ample energy well beyond the end of the workday. This endurance allows them to be flexible to go that extra mile after close of business.

Whether it’s for a last minute proposal that requires some overtime or an impromptu client happy hour, this puts night owls at a professional advantage that the boss will surely notice.

Stronger Workplace Performance

According to Business Insider, an AsapSCIENCE report says night owls may perform better than a morning person as the day goes on. At the beginning of the workday, a morning person will hit the ground running and have a stronger performance, while night owls are slow to get going.

After one hour of waking up, early birds and night owls seem to perform at the same rate. However, ten hours after waking up a night owl performs significantly better than a morning person.

Energy for Extracurricular Activities

All that extra energy doesn’t only need to be spent on work. Being a night owl also allows for involvement in the things that interest them. Often times community service opportunities and non-profit organization meetings are held after normal business hours. For a typical morning person, the idea of leaving work to then volunteer or go to a happy hour sounds daunting, but night owls have the energy to keep on truckin’.

Night owls are also more likely to work out in the evening, join sports leagues, attend professional happy hours, have a rich social life, etc. because they aren’t overcome by sleepiness as soon as the sun sets.

Quality Family Life

While a morning person may be great for getting breakfast on the table and the kids off to school, a night owl’s energy in the evening is invaluable. Night owls have the energy to spend the necessary quality time with their family to ensure they can maintain a solid work/life balance. Not that it’s impossible for a morning person to do the same, night owls just have that extra push needed to hang out with their kids, go to their games, help with homework and put them bed.

Truly, this list barely scratches the surface of all the advantages to being a night owl. You won’t hear any complaints from Mattress Firm if your sleep schedule is a little different from the early-risers. Are there any night owls out there? Which perk can you relate most to? Let us know in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “Night Owls: Is There Anything Wrong with Being a Night Person?

  1. I’ve been a night owl all my life. I think my internal clock is just hard-wired that way. Night owls- the cops, firefighters, nurses, and all the rest, work hard to keep things okay so the day people can sleep!

  2. I work at night, and when I do a double, I am very chipper In the morning. My co-workers do not believe my bounce back. They often make tired jokes, because they are tired and I am full of energy. I get the spend time with my family that others who work in the morning does not, and I do not have to use my leave time for day time appointments. However, working at night can prove to be unhealthy to a certain extend. lack of sleep, lost of time, and often confused about the days are light weight effects. I will not go into the physical aspects. Our bodies are designed to sleep at night and not all day long. Nevertheless, I enjoy my night life employment.

  3. I am very annoyed at the ‘I am morally superior to you’ attitude of early morning risers. As you’re article states; they often need a nap and are unavailable for anything that requires energy in the evening.

    • I hear you Laura you can say that again!!!!They like to say stuff like ,”What?You got up at noon”?Your whole day is gone by that time of day!

  4. I did 13 of 24 years in the military working at night and have never gotten used to being awake in the daylight. I come alive after sundown. Now, at almost 70, I’m still a “creature of the night,” who sees as little of the sun as possible, but man, you should see my MOON TAN!

  5. I once read that the smarter you are the less sleep you need. So I tried staying up later and it does not seemed to have worked

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