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Best Pillow to Support Your Netflix Addiction

You’re lying in bed as you binge watch one of the best Netflix series when the, “Are you still watching?” message pops up. The clock shows that it’s been four hours since you’ve been watching from your bed and you have no plans to stop now. You hit the “Yes” button to continue your lazy Sunday afternoon with no regrets.

After a while, you realize your neck is starting to hurt so you fluff your pillows a bit, and maybe grab another one to prop yourself up a bit. Realizing that didn’t help much, you start to wonder if you have the best pillow to support your binge watching habit (and sleeping, too, of course).

If this sounds all too familiar, we’re right there with you. We’ve compiled a list of Mattress Firm’s favorite types of pillows that support both our necks and our Netflix addictions.

Cooling technology pillows

There are several brands that now make pillows that actually keep cool 24/7. Some pillows are even made with diamond particles that remove excess heat while contouring to your head. These pillows are great options if you heat up easily at night, or for when you’re spending the day in bed watching TV or searching for the best Netflix movies.

Latex pillows

Latex pillows are the firmest type of pillows and resist mold and dust mites. They’re typically contoured for neck support and are helpful if you need back and neck alignment.

Memory foam pillows

Memory foam pillows contain a denser material that is very conducive to neck support. These are popular because they reduce pressure points and continuously mold and adjust to the shape of your body as you move throughout the night.

Wool/cotton pillows

Pillows with cotton or wool filling tend to be hypoallergenic and resist mold and dust mites. They also tend to be very firm, so if you are wanting the extra support, wool and cotton pillows might be the best option for you!

Down/feather pillows

Many sleep experts recommend down and feather pillows because they’re soft and lightweight, yet you can move the filling around inside to get support right where you need it. These are great for side and stomach sleepers as you can adjust the pillow to be exactly the way you need it.

Also, some pillows combine some of the categories listed above. Maybe you need a combination pillow for the support you are looking for. Keep in mind, though, pillows have a shelf life, too. If you’ve been sleeping with your pillow bestie for over two years, it’s time to make a change. Mattress Firm employees love pillow talk. Visit any of our Mattress Firm locations and we will happily help you find the right pillows for you and your sleep needs.

You don’t have to throw that old pillow out, it will still make a good iPad holder. Prop it up, relax on your new pillows and Netflix away!

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