Mattress Firm Pajama Bowl 2017

5 Reasons to Bowl in Your PJs

Ah, bowling — it may not be America’s pastime, but it sure is fun. The only way it could be better is by going in your PJs!

Mattress Firm employees is getting ready for the 12th Annual Pajama Bowl, and we’re giving you 5 reasons why you should join us for a day of bowling in your PJs.

  1. It’s a good time for everyone!
    Bowling is fun for all ages. Whether you’re bowling with the family or enjoying food and drinks with friends, you’re guaranteed to leave with great memories.
  2. Work on that New Year’s resolution!
    Did you vow to get in shape this year? Bowling can help tone and strengthen muscles. Can’t go to the gym in your PJs, can you?
  3. Forget that pesky task of getting ready in the morning.
    Just roll out of bed, hop in your car and get ready for a bowl-tastic time.
  4. Food!
    No need to change into stretchy clothes after eating all the food because you’re already in them!
  5. It’s for the kids.
    Participating in Mattress Firm’s Pajama Drive helps foster kids beat the odds.

There you have it! You’ve got 5 reasons – although staying in your PJ’s should be the only reason needed – why you should be at this year’s Pajama Bowl. Hope to see you there!

Here is a photographic review of Mattress Firm’s last Pajama Bowl.

The 2016 Mattress Firm Pajama Bowl

Team “Spike the Punch Bowl” shows off their PJs at the 2016 Mattress Firm Pajama Bowl

The 2016 Mattress Firm Pajama Bowl

“The Ferocious Five” bowled to support foster kids at the 2016 Pajama Bowl

Team "Kids Come First" supporting the 2016 Mattress Firm Pajama Bowl

Team “Kids Come First” raised money for local foster kids at the 2016 Mattress Firm Pajama Bowl

painted bowling pins

All proceeds from these cute bowling pins go to support local foster kids through the Ticket to Dream Foundation

2016 Mattress Firm Pajama Bowl

A group of supporters pose at the 2016 Mattress Firm Pajama Bowl

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One thought on “5 Reasons to Bowl in Your PJs

  1. Katie Malling says:

    When can we get the PJ bowl down here if SF Bay?!!! I have been forever jealous of this event and wanting to participate for many years!!!! It looks like just so much fun and always has great turnout both financially for the kids and participatory by the teams, Yeah!!! I want in 🙂

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